Jennifer has a passion for capturing and telling stories, then sharing them with the world. She currently works as a freelance journalist and parenting reporter for a local television station.

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Video: 'Birth Markings' & the Beauty of Post Baby-Bellies

Click to watch an awesome short film that celebrates the power and uniqueness of women's bodies after kids....


Would You EAT Your Afterbirth?

That's right, folks, humans are now doing what most other land mammals have done since the beginning of time: we're...


I Will Not Pick My Daughter's Nose

There are some practices we say we'll never, under any circumstances, ever do... Only later do we find ourselves eating our words when we succumb to that very routine we promised ourselves we'd avoid....


Jennifer Borget -

Jennifer Borget is a television news journalist and an aspiring domestic diva. She lives in Central Texas with her husband, daughter, and Sharpei-mixed rescue dog named Snoop. When she's not on TV she's usually blogging, reading a novel, attempting to sew toddler clothes or taking pictures of it ...


My Calves Ate My Ankles and My Belly Button Has Escaped

I'm baking a cake right now. It's one of my spontaneous cravings I decided to cave in to.
Actually it wasn't that spontaneous. It's my sister's 13th birthday. But she lives four states away. Just tal...


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