Jennifer has a passion for capturing and telling stories, then sharing them with the world. She currently works as a freelance journalist and parenting reporter for a local television station.

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Here's To Hoping It Won't Matter To My Babies (and Their Friends) If They're Black or White

I wasn't ever the prettiest girl in school. In fact I was never even close. But that didn't stop me from being one of the most outgoing girls in my class. I was a cheerleader, in the band, class presi...


A Half-Breed Is a Dog: What Not To Call My Biracial Child

I’m used to the usual reactions to traveling with a baby: longing looks. Big smiles. And the extremely intrigued, who will stop me and ask about my baby. But the reaction I got this time as I made my way back to my car after my shopping trip was a first, and, hopefully a last.

An elderly woman, much shorter than me, came closer. I had the car seat shade pulled down partly to cover my baby’s face from the sunlight, partly to shield her from people who say things like this woman was about to say to me.


Family Hides Gender of Newborn For Protection From Stereotypes? Must Be Nice.

If you missed it, a Canadian family recently named their new baby “Storm” and announced to the world that they’ve opted not to share the baby’s sex with anyone other than their immediate family. There...

12 year old shot by police article

12-Year-Old Shot By Police: No Safe Place For Black Children | MyBrownBaby

Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old shot by police, was a child who had the right to be just that... A CHILD....

Joe rickey hundley article

White Man Accused Of Slapping Black Baby Says His Son Was Dying, Pleads Not Guilty | MyBrownBaby

Joe Rickey Hundley, the 60-year-old Idaho man accused of slapping a 19-month-old African American baby in his face and demanding the child’s mother “shut that......

Shotgun article

Boy Shoots His Mother at Point Blank Range—And Puts Our Parenting Conflicts In Perspective | MyBrownBaby

By NICK CHILES If you’re a parent whose kid has been acting up this week and putting you through knucklehead changes, for some much-needed perspective......

Trayvon martin white privilege article

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Black Friends & White Privilege | MyBrownBaby

It’s been one month since George Zimmerman shot and killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in his father’s gated, Sanford, Fl., community and the police let......